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Since I have had so much request for personal training and consultations I have now decided to do a tour in Europe.

For more info about dates and how to book time contact me at




Welcome to my official Web site.

I am sorry for that my site hasn't been updated in a long time. I have decided to run my site myself and will now be able to keep it up to date all the time.
Here you will find my new photos, videos and news about me. Visit my forum to discuss everything from life to training and meet new friends. I have a special training place MJ KIS where I reveal many of my training and diet secrets and where you can sign up to be trained by me or have a diet plan made for you. CHECK OUT my new clothing line that has been made for the modern woman.


Loose 2- 5lbs a week and eat every 3rd hour. Change your life and beome more healthier, happy and feel great! I can be your heath coach for free!



If you have any request or suggestions regarding the site please feel free to contact me at
Love you all!


-Marika Johansson


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